Purity & Rebirth Healing Crystal Kit

Our Purity & Rebirth Healing Crystal Kit includes:

  • 1x Dragon Blood Jasper Crystal Skull (1.5”)
  • 1x Lapis Lazuli Mala
  • 1x Malachite Beaded Bracelet
  • 1x Turquoise Gemstone Pendant
  • 1x Unakite Jasper Crystal Ball (40mm)

All items shipped together in same package

If you’re trying to rebuild your life after a traumatic experience that shook your sense of self to the core, this is the crystal kit for you. These stones have been chosen for their ability to fortify one to rise up after being beaten down, and to emerge stronger than before.

Dragon blood jasper imbibes you with the fire of the mythical creature, helping you get past challenges that stand in your way.

Lapis lazuli helps enhance learning and mental acuity. It helps bring clarity to the trauma, helping you learn from the experience. With this comes wisdom and inner peace.

Malachite encourages growth through stepping out of comfort zone. It helps get rid of self-destructive mindsets and habits that keep one stuck in a rut.

Turquoise helps protect you from negative energy and harmful intentions. When you are trying to rebuild your life, those who destroyed it before might seek waylay progress. This stone stops that from happening. 

Unakite reminds you to be patient, kind and gentle with yourself as you do the work to rebuild your life. Transition periods are difficult, and it will only be more so if we treat ourselves harshly.

Our Healing Crystal Kits are a great way to take full advantage of all of the benefits that crystals have to offer. With a different kit for each of the 8 crystal healing categories, we are sure that you will find one that speaks to you. Each one of our Healing Crystal Kits offers a great discount when compared to buying each item individually. Take advantage of the power of healing crystals today!

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