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Bird's Eye Jasper

Bird's Eye Jasper

$ 24.95

Crystal balls have been used by healers, witches, pagans, and spiritual gurus for thousands of years. When used correctly, crystal balls can allow one to look into the future, make contact with spirit guides, and get answers to important life questions. All of our crystal balls remain in our garden where they are energetically charged before orders are made.

Bird's Eye Jasper offers support in times of stress. It helps soothe our nerves, reduce fear, and lessen insecurity. It helps us to feel safer and more relaxed, as Jaspers are considered nurturing stones. Bird's Eye Jasper also helps to generate a stronger connection to nature, an ancient and earth-bound energy, which helps us to find our own sense of self. It promotes putting ideas into action in a creative way and embracing change, variety, and progress.

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