Luck & Abundance Healing Crystal Kit

Our Luck & Abundance Healing Crystal Kit includes:

  • 1x Green Aventurine Skull Necklace
  • 1x Mookaite Jasper Mala
  • 1x Red Aventurine Tumbled Stone
  • 1x Picture Jasper Crystal Ball (40mm)
  • 1x Sodalite Gemstone Pendant

All items shipped together in same package

Been a little down on your luck recently? Having difficulty coming up with resources for your needs? Hoping for a boost of good fortune to grace your career or business? Then we suggest you go for this crystal healing kit. These stones do not just give you luck, but spur you to action that will truly increase your chances of success.

Green aventurine is considered as one of the luckiest crystal, very helpful in manifesting prosperity and helping in games of chance.

Mookaite jasper helps heighten one’s sense of intuition. It helps make instinctive decisions that lead to good fortune.

Red aventurine helps you take action. It amplifies determination and persistence to get things done, which helps those who are gunning for a promotion or growing their business.

Picture jasper boosts creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. With this, you will be able to see why you are having problems and how best to solve them.

Sodalite is a good stone to help communicating your message to others. Prosperity means getting people to trust you as the source of their needs, and this will help you connect with them.

Our Healing Crystal Kits are a great way to take full advantage of all of the benefits that crystals have to offer. With a different kit for each of the 8 crystal healing categories, we are sure that you will find one that speaks to you. Each one of our Healing Crystal Kits offers a great discount when compared to buying each item individually. Take advantage of the power of healing crystals today!

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